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Office Work

Skilled Professional Admin Services & Specialist Legal Support with over 5 Years' Experience

Take the hassle out of your everyday, out of life. 

Let Ramex Corp Ltd. help you to:

  • settle your bills,

  • renew your insurances,

  • obtain that better quote,

  • finally sort out that matter that has been hanging overhead

Need a new appliance or some maintenance arranged?  Contact Ramex Corp Ltd.

Ramex Corp Ltd. understands how the managing and arranging of daily administrative matters can be time consuming, not always as straightforward as it should be and - sometimes - simply, confusing.

Experience includes:

  • organising medical appointments

  • updating personal details

  • arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • finding gardening maintenance

  • setting up direct debits/standing orders

  • opening & closing of bank accounts

  • settling outstanding balances

  • and much more ...

Contact Ramex Corp Ltd today

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Let us Help You to Get that Task done!

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